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Green card lottery. Dv2009 new
Green card lottery. Dv2009
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Karieri new - job announcements for Bulgaria and the world, tips for job or university search
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"Alicorn - Consult" Ltd. - company for consulting services. Human Resources Developement Consulting -Assessment&Resurch&Training;Developement and Management Consulting; Psychological Consulting. Ours Clients&Partners: General delegation "Vitosha" - Allianz Bulgaria, ASO-Pireli Ltd., Call Centre BG, Interactive Media Services, Real estate Balkan and others.
Добавен: 9.02.2006 Посещения: 139 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 3 гласувай!

"Au Pair" agency
Au Pair Agency
Добавен: 5.07.2001 Посещения: 1159 Рейтинг: 7.83 Гласове: 6 гласувай!

"Bulgarian Cruise Service"
Добавен: 25.11.2003 Посещения: 674 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

"B a l t C o." L t d Bulgaria
The company’s activities are crew manning, recruiting and providing workers in the ship building and ship repairing industry, such as certified by Lloyd’s and Russian register welders, steel fabricators, pipe workers, engine fitters, electricians, blasters / painters, certified from “Cape Industrial Services” Ltd asbestos removal workers and scaffolders, and tank cleaners, riggers, etc..
Добавен: 5.12.2006 Посещения: 57 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

"OMEKA" Ltd - Human resource agency
"OMEKA" Ltd - Human resource agency
Добавен: 28.02.2007 Посещения: 21 Рейтинг: 4.50 Гласове: 2 гласувай!
Works, jobs, work in houses, work in internet. Real estates, sales, purchases, leases, management of real estates, pictures, over 400 offers for Stara Zagora and the region. Consultations for real estates and work in internet.
Добавен: 12.06.2006 Посещения: 199 Рейтинг: 8.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

A&B Agency
A&B Agency
Добавен: 29.10.2003 Посещения: 1280 Рейтинг: 6.33 Гласове: 3 гласувай!

ACE HR Services
ACE Human Resources recognize that the success of any company is rooted in the quality of its employees. ACE HR is committed to leading the industry by providing the best in HR support in Bulgaria.
Добавен: 5.10.2005 Посещения: 131 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Advertising Sales Agents - Careers in
The official recruitment website of World Accommodation Guide. Information on current vacancies with daily updates. International employment.
Добавен: 27.07.2005 Посещения: 148 Рейтинг: 8.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Affiliate program at
Become our affiliate and make real money online now. No limits about Your web site topic. Let Your visitors work for You.
Добавен: 8.09.2003 Посещения: 206 Рейтинг: 7.04 Гласове: 120 гласувай!

Agency "Korsar"
Human ressources
Добавен: 23.11.2002 Посещения: 1232 Рейтинг: 4.50 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

Agency with partners from Europe.
Agency with partners from UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Holand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Italy.
Добавен: 31.07.2004 Посещения: 467 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Agenda Ltd.
Agenda Ltd. - Trainigs and selection
Добавен: 11.11.2005 Посещения: 159 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!
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