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Belto Ltd. - Your home will stay your fortress, where ever you are
BELTO is a company specialized in the field of property management, established to meet necessities of special and daily caries that each one home needs.
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BG Cuisine - All for the Cuisine
Cook recipes, news, information, tips... Advertisement in all culinary magazines in Bulgaria!
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Biogard Ltd. - Pest Control Services
Pest and vermin control
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Bulgarian translator, Plovdiv-based
Bulgarian translator, based in Plovdiv, quality translation, interpretation and localization services.
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Carpet, Domestic and Office Cleaning in London
Top Cleaners offers professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. We also have dedicated teams doing complete End/Pre Tenancy Cleaning and After Builders Cleaning.Our maids are reliable and trustworthy and the Domestic Cleaning and Ironing costs only £8p/h. All we do is 100% guaranteed and insured.
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ComSat - цифрови сателитни системи
Доставка, монтаж и поддръжка на индивидуални и колективни цифрови сателитни системи. Изграждане на местни кабелни телевизии в хотели, жилищни сгради и ваканционни селища. Гаранционна и извънгаранционна поддръжка на всички компоненти в бранша.
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Dishwasher for you
Dishwasher for you home.
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Domestic and Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning London.
Domestic and Office Cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, London.
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Garden Paradise
Ozelenqvane, proektirane kd gradini i polivni sistemi, poddrajka, cqlostno izgrajdane na gradini, gradinski centar...
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Janina D - SSM GmbH
Janina D - SSM GmbH has been at the market since 1991 and specializes in trade with a great variety of products for the effective maintenance of hygiene in all public spheres. It also offers kitchen equipment and compex systems for cleaning buildings and offices after construction and repairing. Subscriptions.
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NIPO – furnishing for the home, the office, the hotel, the store!
NIPO – Trade with materials for production of furniture, Italian laminated, non-burning and chemical resistant broad boards, small doors of massif wood, postforming, lining, accessories, cupboards, shelves, glass-cases, etc.
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Petya Petrova - translations from/to english and german language, lessons
Here you have the opportunity to order any kind of translation from/to English and German. We are mostly experienced in website and software localization. The services are accomplished quickly, with high quality and on attractive prices. Welcome!
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Piccadilly catering Ruse
Catering obslyjvane,vkysna xrana,lyksozеn serviz,proizvodstvo na bytikovi torti,dostavka na adres. adres 7000 Ruse, Aleksandrovska 75
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