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AdvanSat - high performance telecomunication solutions.
AdvanSat is specialized in modern telecommunication systems, based in Bulgaria. Our main field of interest is VSAT systems and networks, WAN 's, Internet over sattelite. Our goal is to satysfy specific customer needs with high-tech, hi-performance solutions. If you have specific requirements, just contact us. We will find solution for you!
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America to Bulgaria
1.9¢ US domestic, 5.9¢ to Sofia, 9.9¢ to the rest of Bulgaria, 11.9¢ to GSM/Mobile phones in Bulgaria! Free $10 phone card! Also call from Bulgaria, Canada, Hawaii, or other countries! The lowest rates from US/Canada to more than 200 countries! Long distance and phone cards!
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audio xobi
някои неща в областа на звукотехниката.
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BG Polyphonia
Polyphonia - Variety of screen savers,picture messages and free ring tones,polyphonic ringtones for your mobile phone.
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Bulgarian Posts
The official site of Bulgarian Posts
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Cheap International Phone cards long distance
Our shop is dedicated to provide You with cheap international prepaid phone cards for the international calls to any country.
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East Phone
International phone calls,Pc to Phone, Cheap Prices, Pay in Bulgaria UK - 0.003cent/min USA 0.0039cent/min ....
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Engineering Bureau Unikat
Solutions for hotel business. Internet access in every room through electricity, Cable TV or internal telephone network.
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Global Communications Expert
Telephone systems, International Callback, 1+ domestic US service, Calling Cards, Internet Faxing, Internet Telephone, Web Hosting, POP3 E-mail, Offshore presence, Free POP3 E-mail accounts.
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Idcaller is a rechargeable prepaid calling card accesible from over 30 countries in the World. One minute rounding, no minimum charges, no connection fee or any other charges. Pin free dialing from up to 8 phone lines! Siply provide the phone numbers from where you will be making the calls, dial our toll-free number, listen to your account balance and enter the phone number of the person you want to call! Your account can be recharged within secods over the internet!
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International Long Distance Callings, Calling Cards
Local phones services often charge high rates for their international services But with Unitec’s international calling cards and callback service you get cheap long distance rates because your call is carried through telecommunications equipment in the United States. You can save significant amounts on your international long distance bills, yet still use your local service for local calls
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PlanetPhone - Leader in the Interrrnet Telephony
As Leaders in Internet Telephony we propose great prices and best quality.
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RAD Group Communication technologies
RCT provides, installs and maintains telecommunications equipment, LAN/WAN building blocks. It designs and builds up sophisticated communication systems
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Telcom - Prepaid phone cards
Telcom - Prepaid phone cards
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