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" Utrinna Rosa " - house for friends
" Utrinna Rosa " - house for friends
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Elena, Shilkovci, Vila pod naem
Elena Balkan - a piece of heaven! Elena is situated in the beautiful Elena valley, in the eastern part of the middle Balkan range. It’s located 37 km away from Veliko Tarnovo, 280 km away from the capital Sofia and 230 km away from Varna.
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Elenskia balkan.
Ako iskate da nauchite neshto poveche za grad Elena.
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Guest house Jovchevata kashta, Elena, Bulgaria
Jovcheva kashta is a holiday house, 200 years old, entirely renovated in the Bulgarian Revival style. It is 3 km far away from the town Elena, in the village Kilajevci. It has kitchen, dining room, tavern with a hearth, 2 apartments, 4 bedrooms, local heating system, summer kitchen, small house and swimming pool for children. We organize hunting, fishing, mountain activities, biking, horse riding, historical sightseeing. We offer local specialties – buffalo milk and "Elenski But"
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Rembi Jsc. - Elena, Bulgaria
REMBI Jsc. is a Bulgarian-Italian company, specialized in manifacturing of agricultural and car trailers
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The 'St. Nikola' Church in Elena
The "St. Nikola" church is one of the most interesting historical monuments in Bulgaria. We offer you a galery of unique wall-paintings.
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The Internet Page Of Elena Town
The historical town of Elena is already in INTERNET! History, tourism, business and almost everything about this beautifil Balkan town
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Vila morava pochivka v balkana
predlagame wi izgodna pochivka
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Vila Morawa Pochivka v Elenskiq Balkan.
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