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"Northwestern Balkan"-Tourist Information Center Berkovica town
Welcome to Regional Tourism Development Asscociation"Northwest Balkan"Web site.Our site propose information touns Berkovica, Varshec,Belogradchik,Chiprovci,Chuprene,G.Damianovo and tourist objects.History,cultural,museum,church,monastery.
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Family Hotel "Salvia" town Berkowica - 3 stars.
Welcome to Berkovica, a town of a thousand- year- old history. Welcome to the "SALVIA" hotel-a cozy, convenient and comfortable place. Our hotel is situated in a quiet and tranquil area within the central part of the town, near to Mountain Balkan.
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Municipality of Berkovitsa
Official site of Municipality of Berkovitsa, Bulgaria. Information about regional business, population, history, map of the town, regional maps, agriculture, tourism, education, culture, sports
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The Internet Portal town Varshec - VarshInfo
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The official page of Berkovitsa
short excursion around Berkovitsa, useful addresses.
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