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Intermedia Foundation.
"INTERMEDIA" FOUNDATION is independent juridical person with nonbusiness purpose which main object is to assist civil society to take an active part in development and participation in legislation trough the means of contemporary communication.
Добавен: 30.06.2005 Посещения: 19 Рейтинг: 9.33 Гласове: 3 гласувай!

International Sports - Demonstrative Center
We have accepted the moral obligation to endorse the natural affection of the young for personal perfection, exceeding the limits of standard educational programs. We find processes in the World demanding new personal attitudes, more so in the new millennium. A complex physical, emotional and spiritual development through applied science, arts and sports leading to the rediscovery of oneself, and the unity of past-present-future.
Добавен: 30.12.2002 Посещения: 25 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

International Youth Programs Center.
International Youth Programs Center is a licensed agent for Concordia (YSV) LTD. and recruits students to participate in summer brigades and the SAWS program.
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izgubeni neshta.
saita e napraven za izgubeni ne6ta ili za tursene na nqkoi
Добавен: 4.04.2006 Посещения: 18 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Karitas- Sofia.
Podvijen kabinet za rabota s hora, zavisimi ot psihoaktivni vestestva.
Добавен: 22.03.2005 Посещения: 21 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Kultral -information center 'Tsaribrod'
Kultral -information center "Tsaribrod" Officiad web-site
Добавен: 13.03.2000 Посещения: 108 Рейтинг: 8.50 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

MAR - Bulgarian Youth Alliance for Development
An independent, non-governmental and non-profit Bulgarian organisation established to follow the wish of its members to get involved in the changes happening in Bulgaria, through supporting the trends of building the civil society and especially the initiatives of the youth.
Добавен: 15.10.2003 Посещения: 300 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 9 гласувай!

Masonic Lodge Bratstvo - Sofia
Virtual temple of masonic lodge Bratstvo, Sofia district, part of the Grand Lodge AF & AM in Bulgaria.
Добавен: 8.03.2007 Посещения: 4 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Miss Bulgaria 2003
Miss Bulgaria Organisation's official website - organiser of Miss Bulgaria 2003 beauty pageant. Find out everything about the event and vote online for Miss Internet Bulgaria 2003
Добавен: 26.02.2003 Посещения: 249 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Mlagejki informacionno konsultatnski centqr - Blagoevgrad
Proektqt celi da ulesni maldite hora ot Blagoevgrad I regiona do navremenna , sistematizirana I aktualna informaciya
Добавен: 23.03.2007 Посещения: 5 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

MRUG – social-ecological movement.
MRUG is a social-ecological movement against repression of neo-liberal economics and global capital
Добавен: 3.08.2001 Посещения: 112 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

National Adoption Forum
National Adoption Forum is the biggest resource centre for adoption in Bulgaria. This is the first free and independant Forum for adopted children, adoptive families and biological parents.
Добавен: 12.03.2006 Посещения: 19 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

National Branch Syndicate “High Education and Science”
National Branch Syndicate “High Education and Science” (NBS-HES) at the Bulgarian Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions.
Добавен: 20.03.2007 Посещения: 1 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

National program Finance and Banking
A students program.
Добавен: 16.05.2003 Посещения: 48 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Neoficialna stranica na fregata "Smely" ot VMS na R Bylgariq
Neoficialna stranica na fregata "smely" ot VMS na R Bylgariq.Kratka istoriq na koraba , celi i zadachi na Bylgarskite VMS i chernomorskata operativna grupa za voennomorsko sytrudnichestvo "BLACKSEAFOR" . Fotogaleriq.
Добавен: 5.01.2003 Посещения: 39 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!
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