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Your real free Classifieds!
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"Smak Media" – Internet Solution Provider
Smak Media's mission is to become the leading Web development company in the region. Through a unique platform that combines the benefits of the convergence of Internet services and next-generation communication technologies with the broadest, most comprehensive array of popular products and services, Smak Media provides its clients a compelling network of Web presence options and gives advertisers access to a vast and diverse audience.
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Promote your site in internet! Start to add your URL!
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Applet-ISP 4u
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Many articles selected by categories.
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BANNER - Design Banner Studio
We create your banners that will sell your products and services.
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Banner Exchange
System Banner Exchange
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If you need web page, but you hate the HTML and Photoshop come to me. I will build for you wonderful page which can be updated or edited even from your grandmother. No joke!, come to me and you will see!
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BestSMS - Send SMS to Bulgarian GSMs - up to 600 characters per message
Send unlimited SMS to Bulgarian GSM absolutely FREE. Write up to 600 characters per message. Create your own phonebook. Send the same message to a group of people! Register mail2sms from here now!
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That's a classification of websites,which could be of use to everyone.It is divided into different categories for 11 coutries.
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BioDesign - web design and more
I am a freelance web developer.I specialise in creating attractive, useable W3C compliant websites that incorporate content managment systems, Flash animation and custom graphics..
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BTC-Plc Internet portal
Customers oriented BTC services, offering, services procedures, telecommunications centers in Bulgaria, actual and marketing information, contacts with customers, National Internet Directories in English and Bulgarian, search in the Bulgarian Internet area.
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Build up your e-shop
21 diffrenet designs; systems for placing orders, searching by categories and products, users and dealers registration, statistics, e-payment, posibilities for initiation of forums and news publishing, as well as many other client-specific offers
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Bulgarian crackz
Bulgarian crackz
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Specialized site for the Bulgarian Industry - machine building, electrical engineering, electronics, Automation and control, Test and measurement.
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