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D&D Agency for research and public relations
D&D works in a wide spectrum of PR and marketing activities – media relations, relations with NGOs and governmental institutions, reputation management, event management, political and corporate public relations, crisis PR, media and sociological researches, sales promotions, communication planning and strategy.
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DarlSoft's Gates v2.1, 2001
DarlSoft's Gates: News, Portals, Search, Telephone, Dictionaries, Translators, Languages
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Directory-bg - The Bulgarian Business is Here! is a modern business directory which increases the visits on your site like your rating. Are you looking for business partners? In this directory you can find Your future business partner from Bulgaria.
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Useful directory.
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Information about traveling in Bulgaria. History, culture, events, travel ideas, adventure, weather, maps, accommodition, online reservations, tips and tricks.
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DKZ - Mini Weekly Portal
Mini Weekly Portal Off RAPMAN
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E-Books Database
Tova e portal, v koito mojete da namerite vsqkakva literatura
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Empire Internet
International day of internet - lets celebrate together , on 31.12.2006
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A brand new gate. You may find here all that you need. From internet to entertainment and sport. Our links are reliable, and they always work. You may come here and see with your eyes.
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Entertainment for everyone from
Latest pics and gossips for celebs, humour, games, sweepstakes.
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Novini, software, hardware, subtitri, programi, filmi po kinata i oshte..
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European Business Info Portal
Create hosting support of web pages sites computers technology linux consultation market property work catalog announcement notice production trade tourism services marketing protection of health bio product herb alternative medicine astrology ISO HACCP systems standard
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European ground squirrel - vulnerable species!
Thus, during the last 15 years after the changes in Bulgaria, biotops suitable for a number of steppe species have been formed in many regions of the country. Such a species is the European ground squirrel /souslik/ (Spermophilus citellus), which is worldwide endangered.
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