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Guest house "Trendy Inn" - V. Tarnovo
Official website of the guest house "Trendy Inn" - Veliko Tarnovo. Cheap accommodation prices and beautiful view from old city. Information about our rooms, photo and video gallery, attractions, reservations etc.
Добавен: 5.09.2006 Посещения: 44 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 5 гласувай!

Happy Holidays
A site for your Happy Holifays... Dont miss it.
Добавен: 12.07.2001 Посещения: 925 Рейтинг: 6.64 Гласове: 33 гласувай!

HHB Holiday Homes
Bulgarian properties for sale in Golden Sands Alen Mak
Добавен: 16.03.2006 Посещения: 13 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

History of Kilifarevo
Kilifarevo is a small farm economic village.It is located in a valley near to Tarnovo.Near to Kilifarevo are located mineral springs-Voneshta Voda.
Добавен: 14.02.2007 Посещения: 4 Рейтинг: 8.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Holiday Homes in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Apartments for rent on the Black Sea
Добавен: 16.03.2006 Посещения: 9 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Holiday in Bulgaria in resort Ravda
Nice Holiday on the black sea coast in beautiful Bulgaria In resort Ravda 2km from ancient Nessebur and 4km from the bigest resort on the Black sea coast "Sunny beach"
Добавен: 25.06.2000 Посещения: 1009 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Holliday in Golden Sands
Information about resorts Golden Sands, Albena, Saint Konstantin, Sunny Beach.
Добавен: 10.06.2003 Посещения: 301 Рейтинг: 6.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Hotel Chernaeff ***
Hotel “Chernaeff” combines mountain woods with sea and offers comfortable rooms with sea view and quality service on reasonable prices.
Добавен: 17.11.2005 Посещения: 55 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Hotel reservations on-line.
Hotel reservations on-line in over 10000 hotels in 62 countries. Instant booking.
Добавен: 2.01.2006 Посещения: 60 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

Hoteli.BG - ALL Hotels in BULGARIA
Hoteli.BG is Your Guide to ALL Hotels in BULGARIA
Добавен: 28.06.2006 Посещения: 90 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

organised travels to different destionations
Добавен: 30.10.2006 Посещения: 23 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Hotels, Beaches, Mountains
Everything that can be a reason to visit all the beauty and nice places in Bulgaria.
Добавен: 20.09.2003 Посещения: 768 Рейтинг: 7.75 Гласове: 4 гласувай!

House "Chimshirite"
Kashta pod naem v gr. Aprilci, Troianskia balkan.
Добавен: 30.11.2006 Посещения: 16 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Hunting in Bulgaria, Jagd in Bulgarien, Chasse en Bulgarie
Hunting in Bulgaria, Jagd in Bulgarien, Chasse en Bulgarie
Добавен: 14.09.2001 Посещения: 195 Рейтинг: 4.50 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

Individual Travel to Bulgaria.
This is a site for individual travellers. This is a place for individual people unlike the Crowd. Entering this site, you will probably embrace the idea to visit the Miracle Country, as I call Bulgaria myself.
Добавен: 17.04.2005 Посещения: 242 Рейтинг: 6.58 Гласове: 123 гласувай!
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