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Tourist complex "Chuchura".
Tourist complex “Chucura” is placed in the villa area in the town of Varna, Bulgaria, direction Varna – Golden Sands, There are near – Central beach, Saint Constantin&Elena, Golden Sands.
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Tryavna Complex.
The three star Tryavna Complex, situated in the town center offers both calmness and a pleasant business meeting atmosphere. It offers 54 double rooms and 5 apartments, conference hall for 150 seats, restaurant, bar, café, fitness hall and souvenir shop.
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We are perfectly located in the centre of Sofia, a beautiful city, near the railway station. Our hostel is cosy and comfortable, with 13 rooms available for guests. Three of the rooms have five beds each, six rooms have four beds, another three rooms have three beds and one room has two beds. There are bathrooms on the ground floor. We also provide phone and safe facilities on reception. Our hostel is priced according to the number of beds in each room.
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TS Hostel - a small cosy hostel in the center of Sofia,
TS Hostel - a small cosy hostel in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria. Online reservations with discounts available now!
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Uiuten hotel v blizost do moreto
Uiuten hotel v blizost do moreto.Prekrasna panorama s gledka kym Varna.Atraktivno niski ceni.Restorant s bylgarska kuhnia.Kafe-bar.Ohraniaem parking.Komfortni stai s bania i toalet
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Unona House.
The house is located in the town center. It offers 4 rooms – 13 beds, cable TV installed, 2 bathrooms, a tavern with a fully equipped kitchen, barbecue, two parking lots .
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Vacation at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
Summer Holiday at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in Sozopol and Primorsko - private rooms and appartaments. Very good living conditions. No mediators. Reasonable prices
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Vacation in Bansko
We invite you to spend an unforgettable vacation in Bansko
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Vacation in Bansko!
Bansko is among the most interesting places and best resorts in Bulgaria. So, if you have the opportunity, seize the moment and experience what thousands of foreign tourists brag about after they return to their homes: great value for money, perfect conditions, and rich culture. However you look at it, you will have an enchanting new experience!
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Vacation in the lodging-house on the Sea Coast.
Vacation in the holiday town of Primorsko on the Bulgarian Soutern Black Sea Coast.
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Vacation on the Sea Coast..
Vacation in seaside lodging-house on Bulgarian Soutern Black Sea Coast.
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Vasilena house.
Vasilena house is situatated 2 km away from the center of Tryavna. Coziness, distinguished atmosphere and elegant interior, along with the silence and tranquility of Hitrevtsi neighbouhood provide excellent conditions for the tourists to relax among beautiful nature.
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VENERA Family Hotel is located in Sveti Vlas - 3 km from Sunny Beach, 30 km from Bourgas airport and 100 km from Varna airport
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Vesta Family Hotel
Vesta Family Hotel
Добавен: 10.05.2001 Посещения: 464 Рейтинг: 8.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Victoria complex
Victoria complex is located in a picturesque and environmentally clean place between the town of Balchik and the resort of Albena. Nature and landscape there make for an unforgettable holiday enabling sports, walks in the open, and all this combined with sea and a sunny beach.
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