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The Brashlyan Hotel Complex.
The Brashlyan Hotel Complex offers 2 two-room apartments, 3 one-room apartments, 2 luxurious apartments and 12 one-family houses, situated closely to the hotel, amidst pine trees. Restaurant, terrace over-looking the town, barbecue, conference hall, night bar, recreation center.
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The hotel for vacation, rest and village tourism
The hotel for vacation, rest and village tourism. We have a restaurant, apartments, garden, parking, beaches and so on of the village tourism
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The hotel is nicely situated in the very centre part of the Sofia city
All rooms are modern equipped. All the rooms have a shower, toilet. A limited amount of rooms have a Jacuzzi. There is a choice between smoking and non- smoking rooms. There is a modem points for internet connection in the hotel. All the rooms have a colour TV connected.
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The hotel of the Bulgarian Biathlon Olympic champion - Ekaterina Dafovska
Hotel Dafovska is located in the center Of the Rhodope mauntain pearl - Pamporovo resort. The wonderful scenery from the rooms towards Snezhanka peak, the ski slopes and the Rhodope mountain make your stay an incredible vacation. The hotel boasts to the guests 34 double rooms, 19 of them with extra bed, 10 apartments with living room and bedroom - convenient for 4-people families. After the pleasure of skiing and the day spent on the slopes, you can relax in the recreation center.
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The Kafkov Hotel-Restaurant.
Central part of the resort Sveti Vlas, about 500 metres away from the beach.
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The Milev’s Villa.
The villa is situated seven kilometers away from Tryavna, in the village of Enchevtsi.
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The Minkov’s house.
It offers a double bedroom apartment with a living room, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, cabel TV, a parking lot, a garden, as well as a non-stop water-supply system. Provision of additional beds is also possible.
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The Nikolovs House.
The Nikolovs House is satiated within 5 min walking distance from the center of Tryavna and can accommodate 8 people. It offers a tavern, cable TV, local central heating and a wonderful garden with BBQ.
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The Old Oak House
On outskirts of Tryavna there is authetic restore small house of village Kisiitsi. In the house there are 1 apartment (2 rooms, bathroom and WC), 1 room with bathroom and WC, 3 rooms with common bathroom and toilet and tavern.
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The Stoneflower hotel
The Stoneflower hotel is situated 11 km away from Varna city and 3 km north from “Golden sands” resort and only 200 m away from the sea cost. The region is called Pisatel
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There is no english version.
There is no english version.
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Tiva-BG-family hotel and agency for real estates in sity Pomorie
Your summer holliday in Pomorie city and many offers for real estates in city Pomorie and region.
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Tonin House.
Tonin House is located in the village of Dobrinishte in an immediate vicinity of the ski slopes of Bezbog mountain hut and the town of Bansko.
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Top BG Hotels - web chart.
Free submision to the Top BG Hotels chart. Increase your site traffic or just find the offer you are looking for.
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Tourbox Antalya
Hotels in Turkey and accommodation in mediterranean Turkey as well Antalya airport transfers to Kemer Belek Side and Alanya.
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