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Naslada Hotels Complex
Hotels complex "Naslada" is situated in the resort zone in the town of Balchik. It is above the old-time summer residence of the Romanian Kings. This residence is an imposing park with a lawn of 36dka and a Botanical garden, the second largest in Europe.
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Nasluka Hotel Complex.
Nasluka Hotel Complex is situated in the picturesque surroundings of Batak Dam Lake, in Rodopi Mountain. The hotel consists of 10 double rooms and 6 suites. The hotel coplex has a restaurant, a cafe, a games room, fitness, and a barbeque. The area is perfect for mountain climbing, winter and aquatic sports, hunting and fishing.
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NEFRON Hotels.
NEFRON Hotels.
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Nikula Chorbadzhi Guest House***, Zheravna Village, Bulgaria
The house is majestic 150 years old monument of culture, in the core of the most preserved architectural reserve at the Balkans - Zheravna Village. Renaissance atmosphere + modern comfort. 4 spacious rooms 2-4 persons each, separate bathroom, hair-dryer, sat.TV, phoneline, mini-fridge, convection heater, and safe-box. There is also a museum nook, fitness room, marvelous yard-garden with barbecue place and draw-well, banquet room and cook house with built in fireplace.
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Nostuvki vav Veliko Tarnovo
Nostuvki za grajdani i gosti na grada, otlichni uslovia, niski ceni.
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Novotel Plovdiv
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NOY Hotel - just 20m away from the sea.
Noy Hotel is situated on the Bulgarian Black sea coast, near Varna and two of the biggest Black sea resorts "Golden Sands" and " Constantine and Helena". It offers 10 rooms, 3 suites, a restaurant and a bar.
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Odeon Hotel-restaurant Plovdiv. Bulgaria.
If you are searching for a place, not only to sleep in, but to live with Plovdiv atmosphere, Your possible choice is Odeon Hotel-restaurant.
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Offer 8 dec 2000
Offer 8 dec 2000 of students
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official site - Hotel "St. Valentin""
You can find here information about current pricees
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Oficialen Sait na hotel "Chalina Kyshta" gr. Bansko.
Hotelyt predlaga celogodishna luksozna uiutna i spokoina atmosfera na atraktivni ceni. Otlichni usloviq za aktivna i priqtna pochivka, zapovqdaite
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Oficialen sait na hotel mavrikova kyshta grad Bansko
Oficialen sait na semeen hotel mavrikova kyshta grad bansko. Tuk moje da namerite polezna informaciq za hotela i vashiq priqten otdih.
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Oficialen sait na hotel-mehana ikonomova kyshta grad Bansko
Tova e oficialniqt sait na hotel-mehana Ikonomova kyshta grad bansko. Tuk moje da namerite polezna informaciq za hotela i Vashiq priqten otdih.
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Old Bistrilitza house
"Old Bistrilitza house"- nice place near to Berkovitza. For familyes and frien company- silence, nature, fishing,herbst gathering and many.... others
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OLD TONIN HOUSE - Dobrinishte
Old Tonin house is located in the village of Dobrinishte in an immediate vicinity of the ski slopes of Bezbog mountain hut and the town of Bansko.
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