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Study Abroad
The site contain with information and links toward differend foreign colleges and university.
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Suggestology and Desuggestology
Suggestology and Desuggestology
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Teaching center Ekaterina
Ucheben centar EKATERINA obuchenie po anglijski, turski,frenski i italianski ezik. Podgotvitelni kursove za kandidat-gimnazisti za izpitite za elitnite gimnazii i tehnikumi.
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TerraNatura - Bulgarian flora, botanical dictionary, links
Terra Natura: Bulgarian flora, Downloadable botanical dictionary, Rare and threatened plants in Bulgaria,Plant Genetic Resources Institute - Sadovo, Information about Bulgaria, Natural history section in History museum - Panagyurishte, list of sites in Botany and Ecology
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The Bulgarian universities
Web sites of all BG universities
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The Centre of Egyptology in Bulgaria
The Centre of Egyptology in Bulgaria.
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The Sofia Theological School St.John from Rila
The biggest Theological school in Bulgaria-official website.The history of St.John from Rila, orthodox in Bulgaria.Traditions, education, gallery, how to become a student and more you can find on this page.News and events.The Church St.John from Rila, contacts
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The truth is somewhere here
Page with U.F.O and aliens
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Treasure Quest - Children and the Cultural Heritage of South-Eastern Europe
An informative website-game for children aged 6–14. Aims to raise the awareness of cultural heritage and foster a sense of regional identity and shared responsibility; and respect for the values of other nations, ethnic communities and religions.
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Ucheben centar Zora
practical training, Web design, prepress, print
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Ueb sajt za seksualno i reproduktivno zdrave
Ueb stranica za seksualno i reproduktivno zdrave. Sudurja informaciq za abortite, veneri4eskite bolesti, SPIN, prewenciqta i drugi
Добавен: 3.08.2005 Посещения: 158 Рейтинг: 7.92 Гласове: 102 гласувай! - Vivat Vinum!
Wine guide for Bulgarians! Learn everything about wine - grapes, styles, glasses, serving, food. Even hear the right pronunciation of famous grapes and wine names! Discover the joy of drinking!
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