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Biotechnology and environment protection
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Dr. Svetla Sofkova, PhD, Personal site
Bean breeding for diseases resistance
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Ecology of Black Sea
You'll find information about the history, the chemical characteristics, the current state of Black sea, the results of human activity
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A site of one soon formed organization, that takes part in saving the nature! Do U want to be a part of it? You are wellcome /still uned construction - or maybe already not/
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My first try to write somethihg about environment
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Inteco Ltd. solves your ecological problems
We develop, design and implement technologies for treatment waste industrial waters and solid industrial wastes
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Personal site of Ivan Kiryakov, Ph.D
Personal data, list of publications and abstracts on plant pathology,program of plant pathology laboratory
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Project EuroEcoIntellect
Ecological events, courses for biological bee-farming and apiculture, working with pupils and retarded children, introducing the biodiversity, eco competitions, etc. in the regions of Northeastern Bulgaria (Ruse, Rusenski lom, Ivanovo, Topchiisko dere)
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Red Light
Software Red Light - about rare plants in bulgarian flora. Plants in Red Book of Bulgaria.
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Bulgarian flora, Natural History sections and museums of Southern Bulgaria, Links in nature sciences, Free botanical dictionary, Free online tools, Free e-mail
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TerraNatura - Bulgarian flora, botanical dictionary, links
Terra Natura: Bulgarian flora, Downloadable botanical dictionary, Rare and threatened plants in Bulgaria,Plant Genetic Resources Institute - Sadovo, Information about Bulgaria, Natural history section in History museum - Panagyurishte, list of sites in Botany and Ecology
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The Bulgarian flora online
Site for the Bulgarian flora.
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Tortoises are disappearing from Bulgaria!
Ranged in Bulgaria global threat species of tortoises Greek Tortoise (Testudo graeca) & Hermann's Tortoise (Testudo hermanni), are up to become a memory in the following decades!
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Prechistwatelnite stancii
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Young Friends of Nature Project
Rousse, Bulgaria region ecology project. Bulgarian language only.
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