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::Bulgaria Business Consulting::
Bulgaria Business Consulting is a professional management consultancy dedicated to offering focused advice and assistance to your company on creating and sustaining competitive advantage.
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Market Researches;Business Contacts;Promotion in The Bulgarian Press; Announcements in Internet; Company Registration.
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Advertise agency
Advertise agency.
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AFIS: PR, marketing & advertising
AFIS: PR, marketing & advertising
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Agency for Public Relations
We are Agency for Public Relations (P.R.). We make press conferences, promotions, presentations. We are Your PR image and perfect presentation in Bulgaria.
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offering/looking to/for partners: information, joint venture in business, herbs, tourism, non-profits, women, children, social entrepreneurship
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BBA - The International Business Portal
Public Relations, Advertising, Business Contacts, Sofia
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Софтуерна фирма
Добавен: 15.08.1998 Посещения: 205 Рейтинг: 8.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Bulgarian export promotion centre
The mission statement of BEPC is acting as a focus of the export promotion activities and supporting the Ministry of Trade and Tourism in a elaborating and applying of a strategy for the creation of a strong export orientated national economy. BEPC provides a wide range of qualified services to all Bulgarian producers and exporters.
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Business Forum Ltd.
Organization of general and specialized exhibitions in over 20 cities in Bulgaria and abroad, specialized branch and firm presentations, seminars, business meetings. Organization of national presentations and participation of Bulgarian firms at exhibitions abroad.
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CBN-Bulgaria – ICT business & markets research agency
Independent agency in biz researches, analyses, ranks and direct marketing B2B data bases. Specializing in ICT. Founded 1991.
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CD Visit Card, Web Development.
CD Visit Card, Web Development.
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Center for visual marketing BIS.
BIS is a highly creative graphic design, printing and new media company. Produces corporative images, promotion products, packaging design. Offers full color printing, billboards, web design, hosting. Motto - 'Freedom of ideas'. English and Spanish.
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Company for International Congresses Ltd.
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Communication Experts - training and consulting
We offer trainings and consulting - presentation skills, sells skills, etiquette, business etiquette, train the trainer
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