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Vega Star.
Production of canned vegetables and whole-fruit low-sugar jam.
Добавен: 27.01.2006 Посещения: 11 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Vera light Ltd.
Design, production and trade with optical systems and devices- lightings for discos, night clubs, theatres, studious,etc. Distributor of the Bulgarian “MM Automotive” factory for automobile spare parts and of SKY DENTAL dental equipments.
Добавен: 15.12.2004 Посещения: 27 Рейтинг: 7.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

VIAND JSK a company of PROVIMI – feed for all kinds of animals
VIAND is importing, producing and delivering components for feed industry, bioconcentrates, complete bioconcentrate, fish meal, milkreplasers, complete feed and specialised feed for all kind of animals, poultry, fish and pets.
Добавен: 21.07.2003 Посещения: 101 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Vimpel partnership- buying up, sale and formatting of paper.
Buying up of waste paper and paper spools; formatting and wholesale of wrapping.
Добавен: 19.11.2004 Посещения: 36 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

VINI - Ecotech Ltd.
Laboratory Instruments Supplier
Добавен: 15.11.2006 Посещения: 10 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Vinprom Rousse – Quality Bulgarian Wines
Тhe Rousse Winery is located in Rousse region, Bulgaria. The quality of its wines and innovative winemaking makes them very popular in many countries all over the world. The Rousse Winery produces a distinctive selection of wines and distilled spirits.
Добавен: 24.03.2003 Посещения: 278 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Laser cutting and engraving of metals and non-metals. Consulting. Manufacturing, repairs and modernization of CO2 lasers and systems. Manufacturing and deliveries of parts and modules for laser systems (supplying high-voltage blocks, condensers, optics, leadings etc.).
Добавен: 9.06.2006 Посещения: 16 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Vladimirov Founding
Фирмата е специализирана в изработване на отливки всички видове алуминиеви и цинкови сплави, проектиране и изработване на инструменталната екипировка за тях.
Добавен: 16.03.2006 Посещения: 7 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Web site Zorov and Parshevica.
Web site Zorov and Parshevica.
Добавен: 10.01.2005 Посещения: 57 Рейтинг: 5.50 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

Wine barrels production Astra
ET "Milcho Vladimirov" Producers of wine barrels and repair
Добавен: 18.12.2002 Посещения: 88 Рейтинг: 9.00 Гласове: 4 гласувай!

Wine Cellar "Pulden" SA
Wine Cellar "Pulden" SA - Peroushtitsa - High quality red wines from Bulgaria
Добавен: 16.11.2002 Посещения: 104 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Wine Cellar "Pulden" SA
Wine cellar PULDEN AD. High quality wines and high-alchoholic drinks.
Добавен: 8.08.2002 Посещения: 138 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Winery Vinex Slavyantsi
Production and bottling of white and red wines
Добавен: 10.04.2003 Посещения: 121 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Wines and high-grade alcoholic drinks
Bulgarian producers of wine and high-grade alcoholic drinks
Добавен: 5.09.2003 Посещения: 156 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Wool machines center, Chepelare
Wool machines center in the town of Chepelare, Smolyan district, Bulgaria. Offers machine processing of wool and slashing of textile cloth. Working day: Saturdays from 8 a.m.
Добавен: 6.06.2006 Посещения: 15 Рейтинг: 9.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!
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