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Union of the Employers in the Tailoring Industry.
Union of the Employers in the Tailoring Industry.
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VATEX EOOD - Producer of shoulder pads
Producer of shoulder pads and sleeve rolls. Trade with machines, spare parts and sub-materials for textile industry.
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Vedika Fashion
Evening dresses, formal women's clothes, fashion suits, coats, overcoats, blouses, blazers. Profecional designers and own sewing factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, more than 100 models per year.
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VESELINA - Varna is the best bulgarian manufacturer of modern swimming suits. Quality materials and design at good prices.
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Victoria Unique - The best choice from The best fashion!
Victoria Unique produces ties, suitable for business, formal parties and recreation. Warranty for quality of materials and workmanship.
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Viema ltd.
Company Viema is a producer of luxury ladies and men’s outerwear – coats, raincoats and suits. Viema design corporate uniform wear, according to the specific requirements of each company. Contact person: Mariana Zakova.
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Proizvoditel na shiroka gama firmeno i rabotno obleklo, rabotni obuvki, botushi. Vnos na lichni predpazni sredstva.
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Yuta Ltd.
YUTA is a manufacturer with a time-honored presence in the nonwoven textile industry.
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“Byalteks" - production and sale of knitted fabric
Company “BYALTEX” is specialized in knitted fabrics sales. It produces different types and quality fabrics. Specific individual orders with clients’ materials are produced.
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