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SS "Stan-3" Ltd. - producer of blankets and thread.
Production of blankets, thread, carpets and tablecloths.
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Steda Co. - Plovdiv
Manufacturer of baby's, children's and infant's clothing - underwear, sleepwear, suits, trousers, shirts, blouses. Online catalogue of childrenwear apparel, wholesale prices, knitted and woven fabrics
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TANI Fashion - Fashion House of ladies' outfits.
TANI Fashion is a fashion house which has developed long-standing traditions in producing formal and boutique outfits.The TANI Fashion House gained the most prestigious in Bulgaria award in the world of fashion - THE GOLDEN NEEDLE - for the year of 2005.
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Teen Fashion Style
Teen fashion from contemporary independent, modern & activity woman.
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Textile Universe News.
Information discovering new opportunities of clothing markets in Eastern Europe.
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Produce CMT garments i light and heavy store clothes.
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Tony M
Tony M Company was founded in 1994. The firm produces lady’s ready-made clothes in small series but in large varieties of models. Tony M creates models for the business, the independent and the dynamic woman.
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TOVI - Large Size clothing manufacture
Manufacturing of casual clothes for big and tall men - large sizes - 2XL - 8XL, track suits, t-shirts, pants, shirts, jackets.
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TPK „Nov Svyat”
TPK „Nov Svyat” manages a considerable private material and technical complex, consisting of: production buildings, main and supplementary materials, spare parts, and ready manufacture storehouses, commercial objects and an administrative centre with a total area of 2 400 m2
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TPKI Viktoria - baby and children clothes
Official website TPKI Viktoria, baby and children clothes
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Trikotex Ltd., Karlovo, Bulgaria
Trikotex "Ltd. " is Bulgarian company specialized in production of sports clothes and everyday apparel.
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UJUT-Textile packages
UJUT offer design and manufacturing of textile packages. We use different fabrics, elaborately decorated with prints and embroidery to the clients requirements.
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Umbira Consult
Umbria Consult is a consultancy firm operating in the knitwear sector. The firm is a representative of Italian yarn makers Alpes, Italo Ellena, Zegna Baruffa, Papi Fabio and IAFIL. The company also opoerates in the field of knitting machinery sales and is an official representative of Renzacci – Italian manufacturer of industrial washing, dry-cleaning, drying and ironing machinery.
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Man underwear"LORD", woman underwear "LORA", kids underwear "LORDKIDS".
Добавен: 29.01.2004 Посещения: 162 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 2 гласувай!
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