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Politex Inc.
Seamless Garments and Socks. Trade Marks - Strip, Spirit and Gamma.
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PollyStoev Co. homepage
Knitware fashion, garments and accessories
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The firm is specializing in produce of men’s underwear. Polytex produces ladies and children’s underwear made to order of clients.Production of T-shirt – 1000 pieces for a day with owns materials. We work according to individual order of our clients. Capacity of production- 2000 pieces for a day.
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European manufacturer of exclusive collections. Ladies and mеn's fashion.
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Prevail - men's shirts manufacturer
Prevail men's shirts - manufacturing and wholesale.
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prima fr ood.
We produce textile and cotton clothing, bed sheets and table cloths for hotels and restaurants and home
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Proizvoditel na topli oblekla.
ET "Kara" Jambol e proizvoditel na bebeshki, detski i unosheski topli oblekla - jaketa, shubi, komplektiv dve 4asti,kosmonavti, gashterizoni ot vodoustoi4ivi tukani, pamu4ni hastari, poliesterna vata.
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Proizvodstvo na zakachalki za shivashkata promishlenost
Proizvodstvo na zakachalki za shivashkata promishlenost
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PROVOCAZIONI Fashion Taylor & Design STUDIO
PROVOCAZIONI Fashion Taylor & Design Studio
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Samokovska textile company JSC.
Production of interior textile, blankets, two- and three layered woollen coverings; warm linings; geotextile.
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Sen Ben 2000 EOOD
Proizvodstvo i tyrgoviq na modni damski,myjki i detski oblekla,rizi,qketa,rabotni oblekla,konfekciq i tykani.
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Sewt JSC
We manufacture textile fabrics of cotton and synthetic silks
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Sier fashion.
Sier Fashion is created in 1997. The firm develops women's and men's clothes. In this site you can find a part from our production catalog The Sier trade- mark is protected and patented in 2003. Sier Fashion keeps up with the most resent fashion trends and designs the most wanted and modern clothes.
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Sitoprint - direct textile screen printing.
printing t-shirt, t-shirt, printed, print, textile, glitter, folio, clothes, manufacturer, polo, blouse, seller, clothing, fashion, ladies, lady`s, sport, casual.
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Software for company with tailoring activities
"Taylors" is software for calculate the work in company with sewing activity, conformable with the requirements and the recommendations from the clients with varied tailoring production. Using this software, you be economize time and nerves.
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