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Company "AIBO" is specialized in the production of additives for liquid fuels /mazut, industrial gas oil, diesel, benzine/ and in solvents for degreasing, used also as detergents.
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Association of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
ABPhM was created to protect the interests of the Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacturers and to ensure sustainable dialogue with the health institutions in Bulgaria and the EU regarding issues of drug policy and legislation, and raising the awareness of doctors and pharmacists of the social role of the generic medicines for the health-insurance system and the patients.
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Biotetechnology in Bulgaria
Biotechnology in Bulgaria - news, firms, projects, forums
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Hygitest.Ltd is a firm producing for period of 20 years GAS detector tubes for express analyses of toxic gases and adsorbent tubes for sampling. Hygitest.Ltd producing herb-propolis preparations. Propolis is one of the most useful bee products.
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Medica PLC - Sandanski
Manufacturer of gauze, products from gauze, cotton and cotton products, pharmaceuticals, food supplement and other algae products.
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Mildex Ltd.
In the recent years we are one of the most dynamically developing companies in the cosmetic industry. The company experts developed and launched more than 40 proprietary products... Bilka, Timily, Mildfresh...
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Parma Trading Bulgaria
Machines and eqipment for Pharmaceutical and food industry
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Salvete 1990, JSC
Production and sale of decorative cosmetics – Gabriella Salvete and perfume AVENTE (Katovice – Czech Republic).
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