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AMO Furniture Factory
It has been 10 years since AMO - FURNITURE FACTORY has established itself as one of the main producers of quality laminated plate furniture. We work in the following market spheres: office, hotel, kitchen and laboratory equipment.
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Amotem Ltd.
Manufacturer of coffee and dining tables with wooden stand and glass tabletop.
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Anika 5 - Sofia
Producer of unique furniture. Interior design for your home, office and shop. Metal constructions and advertising aids.
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ArchLIBRI Publishing House
ArchLIBRI PLC is specialized publishing house in the area of architecture, civil engineering, furnishing and related activities. It has resources to provide information and advertising services to clients in these areas.
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Izrabotvane i proektirane na gradinska mebel vytre6tno i vyn6tno obzavejdane
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B&G Ltd.
Represents the products of MECALUX - Spain on the territory of Bulgaria. We offer 14 different types of storage systems and racking equipment for palleized and manually stored products. We design and install a wide range of storage systems from standard shelving units to self-supporting and automated warehouses. Intelligent solutions for every storage need.
Добавен: 14.03.2005 Посещения: 542 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 3 гласувай!

Beds - rich choice
Beds - rich choice and high quality
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This is a manufacturer of wooden children s furniture produced for export,meeting all requirements of the European standards.Our products are manufactured from solid beech wood of a very high quality.
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Betacom Ltd
Betacom Ltd - quality furniture at a reasonable price. Ordered by the client, they are hand finished, made by the best wood material such as oak and beech. They make you feel comfort and quaint atmosphere.
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Furniture design
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Bulgarian Furniture Producer, Upholstered Furniture.
Bulgarian Furniture Producer, Bedroom Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Cheap Furniture, Dining Furniture, Leather Furniture, Modern Furniture. Hotel, luxory and living room furnishing.
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Carp furniture
Furniture production
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Chairs, Furniture, Furnishing and Accessories, Tables, Doors and Woodwork
Show-room Rondia – furnishing your home, office and garden. Here you will find furniture made in Bulgaria with Italian design and technology. A great variety of tables and chairs for your hotel and restaurant.
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Refrigerated equipment, refrigerated and neutral equipment for food-stores, gass-stations, bar equipment for hotels, restaurants, bars, interior decisions.
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