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Balkanbit new
Balkanbit proizvezhda i predlaga domofonni sistemi; pasivno optichno obodrudvane - optichni shnurove, opashki, adaptori, optichni razpredeliteli - ODF, i dr.; izmervatelna aparatura; uplatnitelni sistemi; antenni sistemi i dr. Uchastva v inzhenerinogovi proekti.
Добавен: 30.03.2007 Посещения: 1 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

"Polus-TM" Ltd. - Refrigerators for vehicles and containers
"Polus-TM" Ltd. - Refrigerators for frigorific vehicles and containers. Production, assembly, service, engineering, equipment and spare parts.
Добавен: 21.06.2004 Посещения: 98 Рейтинг: 7.00 Гласове: 3 гласувай!

"Telephone and Telegraph Technique" Plc.
"TTT" Plc is the biggest Bulgarian manufacturer of telecommunications systems and telephone sets with well-developed service, implementation and engineering organization for execution of large-scale information and telecommunications projects.
Добавен: 9.07.2001 Посещения: 302 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

8-Axes PC Based CNC SYSTEMs
8-Axes PC Based CNC SYSTEMs by UniSoft Ltd Plovdiv.
Добавен: 18.02.2004 Посещения: 366 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

autoparts in Bulgaria
autoparts for industrial transportation, vans, SUV's cars, motorcycles, etc.
Добавен: 11.09.2006 Посещения: 39 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

B.A.T.Ltd Belogradchik
telephone sets model BEL101, BEL202,BEL303, doorphone system, telephone parts
Добавен: 20.06.2002 Посещения: 193 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Balkanbit Ltd.
Balkanbit Ltd. is a Private Bulgarian company which works in a telecommunications and electronics field.
Добавен: 17.07.2003 Посещения: 100 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

BRSP 'Autoelectronica'
Company has at its disposal up-to-date equipment for an entire fully completed cycle - research, development, production and testing.
Добавен: 21.06.2001 Посещения: 208 Рейтинг: 8.75 Гласове: 4 гласувай!

Bultraf Ltd.
Bultraf Ltd. is one of the major manufacturers and exporters of power transformers for Bulgaria.
Добавен: 19.04.2004 Посещения: 96 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 2 гласувай!

Bussan Co. Bulgaria.
BUSSAN is in the business of making power electricity and electronics, charge rectifiers, welding machines and more...
Добавен: 3.11.2001 Посещения: 109 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

Call Shop Billing system with display, VOIP, GSM Gateway.
ELEXIM Produce Call Shop Billing system with display, Phone Bill Control Devices, Phone cost manager, Long Distance Call Controller with PIN, GSM Gateway. VOIP.
Добавен: 17.04.2005 Посещения: 262 Рейтинг: 10.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Carat Electronics AD - cash registers, POS Terminals, electrometers.
Producer of cash registers with fiscal memory, POS terminals, fiscal printers, electrometers, taximeters, information systems for control of energy consumption.
Добавен: 18.04.2006 Посещения: 20 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

CAT Electronics
Добавен: 25.10.2001 Посещения: 264 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!

CENTILLION Electronics
Design and production. Conventional and SMD-assembling, adjustment of modules and devices with application in industrial electronics, medicine and everyday necessities. Representation of companies for MT-equipment.
Добавен: 30.01.2004 Посещения: 78 Рейтинг: 7.00 Гласове: 1 гласувай!

Communications Construction & Reconstruction
Building of optical and wire cable lines and networks, settlement telephone networks, etc.
Добавен: 7.03.2005 Посещения: 21 Рейтинг: 0 Гласове: 0 гласувай!
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